Our Property

Timmer’s Resort boasts beautiful views of Big Cedar Lake from our dining rooms and outdoor seating. With sweeping lake views and expansive manicured grounds, the Lake Lawn is perfect for your larger tented outdoor gathering. The Bocce Lawn is charming and spacious enough for a more intimate outdoor experience. We offer one indoor and two outdoor Gathering Spaces for renting. Devoted event supervisors assist in planning and coordinating.

Gathering Spaces

Our History

In 1863, Mathias and Margaret Timmer emigrated from Germany and ultimately settled in the Town of West Bend. They purchased the property now known as Timmer’s Resort on January 4, 1864. Construction on the first building began in 1880. It was completed and opened as a hotel in 1882. Mathias and Margaret’s daughter, Mary greeted guests as they arrived from Schlesingerville (Slinger) by buggy and a horse-drawn bus. In the current parking area, you will see a rectangular stone reading “TIMMER”, which served as a step for guests arriving by buggy.

In 1907, Leonard and Rose Timmer became the property owners and additional cottages were erected, with electricity and running water added in 1926. The resort survived both Prohibition and the Great Depression, actually prospering during these times. During the Prohibition, beer was smuggled from a Chicago-based brewery to Timmer’s Resort via a thirsty neighbor’s pie delivery truck. F Street Hospitality purchased Timmer’s Resort in 2018. Together, we wish your experience is as warm and personal as Mary Timmer’s first greeting to guests in 1882 - only with better food and drink!